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So I've been shopping for a car for a while now. I decided to replace an engine in my current ride, a 2011 Charger, instead of getting rid of it because of the state of the market - inflation, shortages, etc. I just didn't want to be in a position where I would wind up paying way too much for a car I didn't really want. Now that things are returning to a state of sorta normal, I'm running into another problem ... there are very few cars on the market today that capture my interest, and I find myself dreaming about owning what was my favorite - a 1989 Maxima GLXE Silver Green Pearl. I "bought" it from my father for $1, and he shipped it to me while away at college. It instantly became the ride of choice for road trips - surely part of the reason I have such fond memories of the car.

Obviously there'd be a few technology/safety upgrades required, but this is not a vehicle people saved or really cared for well. I'm not very optimistic about the chances of finding one with less than 200k miles in decent running condition. I just thought I'd drop a post in here to see if anyone had any advice for finding one of these. I'd really love to find one with a manual transmission like my 1999, but that's probably getting a little greedy :)

Is there any hope at all you think?

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