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Cuzo sidemarkers (bulbs are interchangable with 194 wedge)
There are lots of different kinds of sidemarkers on the market which will require different sized cut-outs and such.

Extra wire
drill and bits (3/4" bit and small bit) or dremel with equivelent.

1st- Decide on where you want your sidemarkers. Some people like them high on the fenders, I mounted mine flush with my side mouldings lower on the fender.

2nd- Mark the spots where you are going to drill making sure they are even with each other on both sides of the car. I recommend using masking tape to mark your spots on darker colored cars.

3rd- Drill away, but be careful! The Cuzo sidemarkers require a 3/4" hole and 2 smaller holes on each side(for the mounting screws). All sidemarkers are not the same and may require bigger or smaller cutouts. I drilled the 3/4" hole first then test fitted the sidemarker to see where I should mark the mounting holes.

4th- You will need the extra wire to run up to the parking lights/turn signal(front corners). You can just run the wire up through the wheel wells.

5th- Take out your corners and connect the ground from the sidemarkers to the black wire going to the corners. Then connect the power wire from the the sidemarkers to the red or the green wire from the corner.

red- on all the time
green- turn signal flash only

Lastly- Screw your side markers in and see if they work.

Finished product-

*there may be other ways to this, but this is what I found easiest*
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