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Hey dudes!

Just a thought as we Canucks enter into another bitter winter--the 17 inchers on the SE 3.5 I take possession of on TUESDAY!!! will likely be pretty great for 3 season riding--I'm thinking of getting fatty tires to go on 15 inch wheels for the winters though--any suggestions?


artic alpine comes in a 215-60-17 size and they are those Q rated tires. Since I managed to pick up 4 rims, I am going to have two sets of tires. I noticed on tire rack, they have a 16" setup for the SE but I think going aftermarket for 17" aluminum rims which look similar to the factory rims is the way to go. Yes, it gets a little steep on the expense side but getting stuck once in snow country, on a mountain road, while snowing might not be a good thing in particular when there is no cell service where I go.

I spoke to Nissan and the realize that nobody makes a exact snow tire for our cars but the 215/60 and even the 225/55 would do the trick. I prefer to have a slightly narrower tire for snow because of the better ability to dig into the snow pack
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