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So my friends and I decided to go to a computer fair in Pomona today. We got lost, so we decided to stop by the NHRA hot rod museum to ask for some directions.

As we pull in, one of my friends says that he saw a weird looking Lexus SC430 in the adjacent parking lot. We get curious, so we go around there to take a look. He points it out to us as "that ugly, orange one."

Upon hearing that, I was thinking wait a minute... Lexus doesn't make orange SC430s... the only sports coupe car I can think of that's orange is the... oh SHIT! :eek: My other friend must've been thinking the same thing because our jaws dropped to the ground in unison.

Turns out that the supposed SC430 was none other than a 350Z!

We drive over there, circle it twice, and then park next to it. We get out and start to examine the car. As we were looking, we hear "Oh, that car's a dog," from behind us. We turn around to see an old man and his friend coming from the museum, so we assumed that he was just some jealous hater. "It only does 0-60 in 5.42 seconds. It's a prototype." Huh?? How did he know that it was a prototype?! At this point, he busts out his keys and opens the door while his friend informs us that he works for Nissan...

"Yeah, they let take home a new car every night, so I chose this one today." Whoa! So he hangs around and talks to us about Nissans for a while.

I asked him if he knew anything about the new Maxima; here's what he had to say: "Oh yeah. I was just riding in it a few weeks ago. It's going to be nice. Imagine the Altima, which is a pretty spiffy car, but everything's better—better exterior, interior, everything. But it's still front wheel drive though." I ask him if it'll still use the VQ35DE and he says something about how all Nissan V6s are basically the same engine (didn't really answer my question). He then tells us to watch for the G35 coupe, which, according to him, is going to be a great car.

We talk a little bit about the R34 that's going to be in The Fast and the Furious 2 and then he says that he should go before his wife gets mad at him.

We watched him drive off; it was a beautiful sight! :D
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