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Picked my wife up from work, had to take her to my parents who live 2 mins away (I live 10 mins away) so she could change and go to her other job (2 nights a week, 4 hours a night....spending money). I turn onto my parents street, and this Explorer is behind my ready to kiss my car's ass. Driving like a maniac behind me!!! I mean, this car was nutz! I brake check him, mind you I have already sped up to 40 mph, and I don't want to do this because its a residential street with lots of kids!!!!! Dude swerves into a driveway, and passenger gets out, throws something, flicks me off, and starts running down the street after me!!

I called 911, because I really didn't know wtf was going on. Pulled into my parent's driveway and parked and gave the operater the info she needed. 2-3 mins later, a cop pulls up, and of course, I know him because all the cops in my area come to my restaurant. I tell him exactly what happened, and he said he would take care of it. Goes up the street, and there is another cop who meets him halfway. They stop, talk, then both go up the street. I figured the guys were drunk asses in a stolen car or something, and were gone.

They live on my parent's street! Damnit! I left to take my wife to work, and I was going to go back, but I am not going to go there for a bit. I am not afraid of them or anything, but I don't want these assholes going up to my parents home and starting shit. My car is easily identifiable because A) its an Altima with a muffler B) white rims C) everyone else on the street drives either a Lincoln or a Cadillac.

Stupid people in this world man....stupid people.
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