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So today in houston it rained and I drove through a pretty average sized puddle (I wasn't the only one and I also wasn't speeding). My feet (while driving) and lower pants got drenched in water as I went through the puddle :surprise. That's not supposed to happen.....

Anyways, I found the issue. There is a rubber seal on the steering wheel column that (I'm assuming) wasn't clamped properly from the factory. I took a few pictures before I tried to fix it and after. After I replaced the seal back to its original position, I was able to tighten the grey clamp on it quite a few clicks (which is why I think it wasn't placed correctly from the factory).

Side question: Does anyone know where I can find the part number to the clamp just so I have a spare? It seems kinda flimsy

Also I'm not sure why the pictures are upside down. :-/
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