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Hello all,
I'm new to Nissans. I currently have an 08 Altima with 9 speakers Bose system. This weekend I'm installing a new Pioneer receiver with Polk component speakers.
I had three 4 inch speakers in my dash. Apparently my dash speakers are protected by a crossover in the Bose amp. I replaced the left and right Bose with my Polk tweeters directly to the factory wires. I just left the center speakers in. So far they sound great. My next step is to install front door speakers. My Polk component set came with two 5 1/2 mid-woofers also. The door speakers play lower frequencies than the ones in the dash, so I figure they are crossovered also. I will deal with the rear door and rear deck speakers later. There may be two aftermarket amps installed to replace the factory in the near future.
To recap, I will have tweeters in the dash and mids in the front doors. My question is: Since I'm using all factory wiring, how do I keep all my Polks in phase? None of the Bose speakers I removed have any indication of which wire is pos/neg. Does anyone have a wire diagram for all 9 speakers? Thanks for your time,
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