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Ok, I have set my Cruise Control at different speeds but the computer Average Mile Per Hour(after fresh reset) always displays the speed at 5 mph less than the actual speedometer. Which one am I'm suppose to go by?

I found that the trip computer speedo is more accurate then the on in the dash. My dash was reading about 66mph when the trip computer was reading 60mph. At the same time I checked to see if at that same time it took 1 minute to go one mile which it did. I also checked the odometer to see if it correct and it was very close. I used this information to go back to the dealer and they installed a new speedo about two weeks ago. The new one is still not 100% accurate but at an indicated 70mph, I am going about 67mph. Now I just put on artic alpine snow tires in the
215-60-17" size and the slightly larger diameter of the tire really makes a difference in the odometer reading. I only register about 0.95miles for every mile I go. On the good side of things, now when the speedo reads 70 I know I am going 70mph.

I also noticed the handlling on the new tires is so much better then the stock bridgstones. Talk about a difference. I think I am going to get rid of the stock tires and pick up a set of high performance rubber in the 60 series size. Living in the NY metro area, I think a little extra rubber between the wheel and the road is going to help keep rims from bending.
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