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I have a 2006 Nissan Maxima SL
Not used/parked for over 5 years
Owner stopped using because she couldn’t afford to replace tires
4 completely flat tires
I want to see if it will start and run
Battery dead but can charge it to light up panel
Panel lights up engine/oil etc lights
Here’s my plan:
Get a fluid extractor and
a. Remove gas;
b. Remove transmission fluid;
c. Remove coolant;
d. Remove oil;
e. Remove brake fluid;
f. Remove power steering fluid.
Add in ...
... all the above referenced fluids based on the amount the manufacturer states each should contain.
Install cheapest battery I can.
If it starts, then I’ll buy the tires.
Any other ideas?
Thank you in advance for any comments/advice.

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No need to change engine or trans oil PS fluid or coolant until engine running to help them stir up to remove more trash. Just change them quick if engine goes up all right. Fuel will need changing and the pump may likely be bad if the fuel has ethanol in it. Brake fluid will need changing but doing so will not recover any brake system damage incurred from the sit.

The panel lighting up ain't spit, that only is one hundredth the amount of amp the starter will need to even have a chance. You need enough battery to supply the original CCA number that OEM car battery uses.

I've done that work way more than once.
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