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Hey so my dad went to the mechanic a long time ago and the mechanic replaced the steering wheel for some reason (idk why). More importantly the car is mine now and it has these extra buttons that are not connected to anything. My dad said they are there because the steering wheel is from a different trim with options. But the buttons are volume controls and accept call and such. I looked to see if there any wires in the factory harness that connects to the headunit and there seems to be none. I The reason I am writing this is because I want to know if there is anyway to connect these buttons to an android head unit (Atoto S8 Pro Version S8G2A75P(4GB/32GB).

(Not my photos but they are what the steering wheel looks like)Old steering wheel New Steering wheel
Clock Spring Images: Seems to be something missing that needs to be connected to the clockspring.
Harness Images:

The first three images are wires not connected to anything, these are from the atoto harness.
The 4th image is the wires coming from the aftermarket harness that connects the atoto harness to the car harness.
The 5th and 6th images are the wires on the nissan car harness.
Please tell me what I need to do and the difficulty of this project
Thank you so much if you read this and have a great day! If you need anymore info please let me know!
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