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I've had some issues for the last year and my mechanic has tried different things to no help with Altima 2009 2.5L. First they replaced the engine mounts and that helped a little with the steering wheel vibrating when car was in DRIVE but stopped at a red light. Steering wheel does not vibrate when on neutral.

I went again because of more steering wheel vibration. Different mechanic drove the car and said the idle was too low and that was causing the vibration when the brake was pressed and gear was on DRIVE. He also said it might be the throttle body sensor. They cleaned the throttle body and that worked but now the rattling has continued.

I am also having some weird vibration on the gas pedal when driving. It wasn't there before. The vibration is irritating and I am glad when I set the car to cruise control at 40-60 mph.

Anyone have any idea what might be the issue.

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