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It's true what they say about older cars.. such a headache always fixing something.
Anyway, through quite a bit of trial and error and research I discovered the sunroof drainage lines and put a piece of insulated wire down it to clear them some. Water goes through them now, but is just a trickle. My issues are with heavier rains when the water comes in faster than the drains can accommodate. Then I start seeing some drips from the driver side upper column. I'm thinking somewhere the lines are not as clear as they should be. I saw a write-up by a guy that owned a Infiniti and the drain lines at the bottom had a little rubber flap that ended up collecting crap behind it.

So you'd think it'd be easy to trace the end of the lines by just pouring some water in the top and seeing where it comes out. Only there isn't a hole per se where it comes out. It seems to come out from a seam at the bottom between the body of the car and the ground effect-type molding Altis come with. I looked all over online before posting; couldn't find anything like what I was looking for.

The first was some kind of plastic safe liquid that I could pour down the piping and give it a rinse -outside of water. Something for build-up.

The 2nd was maybe a photo of the outlets at the bottom of the car so I could check out the clearance inside the piping. The back lines especially require locating the line outlets since it's near impossible to get to them from above. I also never see what pieces of trim and how people are pulling loose to get access to these lines since all their how-to's show the end result.
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