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Supercharge Manual Nissan Xterra 4 wheel drive *dead engine*

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Hey guys

Looking for a car enthusiast who is willing to buy our Super Charge Manual Nissan Xterra with 4 wheel drive and give it a new life. It needs a new engine and radiator and we just can’t afford to give it a new heart but we don’t want this baby to end up in the scrap yard. Would love to sell it to someone who is willing to give her a second chance at life. She’s a really fun car to drive and we have so many memories with her. She really is the millennium falcon of cars.
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Have you sold it already? I have been dreaming about owning such a car for a while now. I came across one when I went to Scrap my car but it was in too poor condition to invest money in restoring it. This one on the other hand is very good looking. If I could see it myself and make sure that it's not affected by rust I would be very much interested in getting it of your hands. Finding a good engine for a decent price shouldn't be a problem as a mechanic friend of mine sees it. This would be the perfect car for off road trips.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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