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white on rice
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well i want to lower my car - thats the easy part - what to use is troubling...
i was thinking of these 3 what to do, i want ur opinion - please also factor in i dont have toooo much $$ but want good quality and decent looks.

stock struts new lowering springs sus. tech - 1/3"
kyb gas struts and those springs
coilovers - whats some pricing on them? im seein like $500-$1200

white 98 gle
injen wai
obx modified headers
custom exhaust - no cat - rice can
NGK wires, bosch +4 plats
next upgrade idea? suggest one(& dont say get rid of obx)

RacingLine Guy
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if you want all out performance full adjustable do whatever you want, go as low or high as you want, then D2's for sure if your willing to spend the coin.

If you want smooth sporty and still comfortable then I liked my old H&R's with tokico but kybs will be fine. you should change the struts at the same time, it'll save you money later.

Dane Cook isn't funny
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if you get coilovers youll still need new struts
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