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I have a 2016 Sentra SR with a nav head unit (see "unit A" below) and am curious to know if it's possible to swap that unit out for a 2019 unit (see "unit B" below) while maintaining steering wheel controls, backup camera functionality, and a USB phone connection? Also, is the wiring 1:1 between the units, or do I need to obtain a harness?

Lastly, can anyone confirm whether the unit with part #: 2591A5UD0A is, carplay/android auto compatible, and, if not, which unit has that functionality?

Thanks in advance!


(unit A) (unit B)

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First of all, its possible but not at all, here's why.

You'll need to modify your wiring harness, from the 33 pin connector that the nav unit has to the 40 pin connector of the new radio.

Second, yes the model 2591A-5UD0A indeed has carplay and android auto, but for me, wasn't worth it because i had better expectations for it.

I tried to install it on my 2017 sentra nismo but i had some issues.

The first issue which is the one you have to be aware of is that you can see the model name is 2591A-5UD0A BUT some radios are configured in different ways (software and hardware), for example, the radio of an nv200 does not have input for the rear speakers, why? Because its a cargo van and would be pointless to have rear speakers, and the wiring varies as the mic of the sentra isn't compatible. Although they look the same, they work differently. You have to find one that came from a sentra or at least a versa so it would work with your sentra.

The second issue was the wiring, the wiring is the most difficult, although i know what most of the cables of the wiring do, i wasn't unable to make the rear camera to work when i put it in reverse only when i manually activate it from settings. Here's the wiring, attached you'll see what most cables do.

For the aux i meant black, white and red.

The third issue is that, as not many people have done this, there's not much information about the wiring of this radios, and fun fact the one that looks similar to this one with the model 28021-9EK0A is the base radio for the 2019

in other words is the same as the radios that had Bluetooth but weren't touch screen (see pic) but the difference is that the newer base model has touch and its overpriced for what it offers.

And last but not least, this is a point of view that i had, i had the nav unit and i didn't need the phone to look for a place where i would like to go and if my phone died and had no way to charge it, i can use the built-in navigation from the SD card map to go from point A to point B without worrying.

But with the carplay is different, you need to have your phone connected, when you play audio via usb it really isn't that optimized as you cannot increase or decrease volume throughout your phone, only through the steering wheel or the radio, but sometimes it will lag, depends on the radio, not all will do it but some will.
And to use the maps you have to use your device and you'll need your data to use it and if you don't have or have slow data, you're kinda screwed or if you're in a place where data is unavailable, you're screwed.

That would be pretty much it, overall i prefer the navigation radio with the SD card, but sincerely it's what you really want, i hope you the best, good luck.
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