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VTEC wont save you....
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If you would like to join TNR and live in TEXAS...List your mods and what part of texas you are from.We really need members from the Austin/RoundRock/San Marcos/S.A. areas.

Requirements are that you have to wear the TNR banner on your windsheild.Also must have an import,does not have to be NISSAN,and be able to make TNR meetings and meets.Also 15 dollar payment for your banner.Color is optional though design is the same for everyone.Also must want to IMPROVE quality of your import as far as performance goes.

You can contact me(pm) for the Austin/RR/San MArcos/SA areas.You can contact ALAM6969 for the FT Worth/Dallas areas.

Whoever gets to be moderator for this forum...I would appreciate you not deleting this and post it as a sticky so it stays at the top of the FORUM.Thanks.

Any ALTIMAS.NET members in TEXAS can apply on this thread....
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