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5spding soon...
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Day One:
Today I started my 5spd swap, SWA Pulley install and Throttle Body Modification.

I've taken a shitload of pictures and I'm going to post a complete write up for everything later. I'm posting this just so I don't forget all of the little needed info later.

NOT INDEPTH....will be once I'm finished...

1st: Loosen lugnuts and lift the car and place on jackstands.

2nd: Disconnect battery terminals and remove the battery tray. (3 bolts, 14mm?)

3rd: Remove intake and MAF w/connections.

4th: Drain the Auto tranny. (19mm) Disconnect and remove crank position sensor, just below dist cap, right of headers.

5th: Remove all of the tranny hoses and electrical connections. Disconnect the shifter line. (13mm )

6th. Remove the auto to engine bolts around the top of the tranny. (13mm w/ long ext)
beneath stock ground location, 2 underneath MAF.

7th: Remove starter. two bolts.

8th: Remove the transmissoin mount bolts. (4 x 14mm)

9th: Remove all lower dash pieces: glove box, under steering wheel, radio console +ashtray+radio, and the center console in that order. (19 screws)

10th: Remove all shifter parts. (5 bolts) Drop downpipe and catback (2x 14mm/5x 10mm). Cut the shifter line and remove. Remove the steering shroud and cut the shifter position line at the ignition with shifter in park and remove.

11th: Install shiftlinkage with rubber boot and mounting plate. (4 bolts)

12th: Reinstall radio console and glovebox.

13th: Drop the steering wheel (6x 13mm) Remove steering linkage shroud and drop brake pedal. (5x 13mm w/ext) Remove the pin and pull er out.

14th: Remove pump and make room in engine bay for master cylinder. Drop misc ecus/parts underneath steering wheel near the fuse box to make room for however big your drill is. Score the center of the cut out enough to be seen from inside cabin. Drill the hole with a small bit. Check results. Take clutch pedal and scribe the two mounting bolts onto a small piece of paper. Scribe the very middle of the two bolts. Check results. Poke out all 3 holes to be on the paper. Mark the holes to be drilled from inside the cabin using your sketch. Drill them using a small bit. Use a 5/8 bit for the two outside bolt holes. Drill the center master cylinder hole using a 3/4 bit.
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