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Things you should know about VB recalibration!

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/// Valve Body Modification

The recent buzz that one Maxima owner (Don in Texas) has created lately is making a fairly inexpensive product that will lengthen the life of the auto tranny. (To a certain extent.) Don Cooper, a Texan Maxima Enthusiast has done some homework and came up with a suburb valve body. What is the Valve Body (VB)? Well it's part of the auto tranny that helps engage the different gearing of the auto tranny. By swapping some springs internally to a higher load rating, Don has been able to come up with a slick mod.

Nissan comes from the factory with a "luxury" car mind, so the car will shift smoothly (but slowly) through the gears. Which makes acceleration a drag. Don's VB eliminates the shift-lag, thus creating crisper (and harsher) gear engagements. This will, believe it or not, lengthen the life of the tranny. Why? Well normally, you would stomp on the gas and rev it, the car, as it's trying to change the gearing, might pause, due to the shift-lag, and while you're on the gas still, might not engage properly, and thus frying parts of the tranny while your at it. So, if the car can shift sooner, no lag, and will reduce the chances of slippage.

Here is what the VB will look like...

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