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Upper Timing Chain Guide fix.

I just removed upper guides on my 93 GXE according to the TSB , pics soon
Tools need:
Marker and tape, to label
1/4 sockets 8-14mm deep and shallow
3/8 8mm-19mm deep and shallow
1/4, 3/8 u-joint socket
1/4, 3/8 ratchets and extentions
Metric wrenches, 10-19mm
PB blaster
Rubber Mallet
Gasket scraper
New gasket and gray RTV
Floor Jack and jack stand
Use "common sense". Mr.Nissan not responsible if you break something or hurt yourself or others, so you are warned, this just a guide.
Loosen the 21mm wheel nut, remove passenger side front tire
Start by removing the neg battery teminal, 10mm nut
Label the spark plugs wires, and remove them. TIMING CHAIN/IMG_0286.jpg TIMING CHAIN/IMG_0233.jpg
Remove the eleven 10mm nuts and the grommets TIMING CHAIN/IMG_0236.jpg TIMING CHAIN/IMG_0240.jpg
All nuts removed and tap the cover with rubber mallet, and pull the cover

Remove the power steering res. out of the way, pull up
The fuse box remove too, 10mm both.

Admire the engine, TIMING CHAIN/IMG_0244.jpg
With a 12mm socket, remove the guide TIMING CHAIN/IMG_0244.jpg TIMING CHAIN/IMG_0245.jpg
Guide removed TIMING CHAIN/IMG_0250.jpg
Remove the braket around the head TIMING CHAIN/IMG_0251.jpg TIMING CHAIN/IMG_0256.jpg
Remove the belts.(look at Water pump replacement, it is there)
Follow that guide until the alternator, water pump can stay TIMING CHAIN/IMG_0265.jpg
Remove that bracket, it hides one bolt for the cam cover
(3 17mm bolts, they are very tight) TIMING CHAIN/IMG_0268.jpg TIMING CHAIN/IMG_0269.jpg

Now remove this bolt, the cam cover, 12mm and 2 10mms TIMING CHAIN/IMG_0270.jpg TIMING CHAIN/IMG_0298.jpg

Tap the cover, and remove it
Remove the upper guide, it held by 2 10mm bolts TIMING CHAIN/IMG_0273.jpg

Clean the cam cover and the valve cover, and the cylinder head where they join
Put a rtv on the cam cover, also put where it meets the front cover

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