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Tire Carrier??

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Bought a house and found this tire carrier in the space above the garage.
Sticker on it has 6000 as the ending and Google came up with a few Nissan tire carriers.
Does anyone know what this comes off? I had a 90's Nissan Pathfinder and I think maybe 95 and earlier?

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Yes, this is a tire carrier.
Are you trying to find out what it fits so you can buy the vehicle that it goes on?
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No. I am trying to find out if I should try and sell it or throw it in the trash. Not sure if there are current applications/projects that could use a tire carrier.
Good one! Not sure for carrier is that, maybe you can ask tire agent , those guys will know for sure. I even wrote a reviews about them recently here https://tire-agent.pissedcо They helped me to get a very good deal for my new summer tires.
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