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The standard wheel and tire for the 2.5 models is 205/65 R16. My car was delivered with Continentals. I have been unable to locate a snow tire in this size (in fact, I have been unable to locate any aftermarket tire in this size). I contacted Nissan Canada and their suggestion was to use a snow tire in size 215/60 R16, and reccomended Bridgestone Blizzak's. I found a "Blizzak MZ-02" at Costco. So far so good. The car actually handles better (the lower aspect ratio helps) and it doesn't seem to have affected any of the trip computer settings. (Got 7.4 L/100Km on a recent trip to Kingston on the 401 at 125 kmph.)

Just a point on the interior issue; get over it.

The dash is a truly outstanding overall design. (Of course the extior is also an outstanding design- which is why most of us bought the car in the first place). In Canada the 2.5SL (my car) does not come with the ersatz wood grain applique. So much the better. I looked at the new Camry and while the interior was well finished, it did not inspire. The instrument pod of the Altima reminds me of an Alfa Romeo from the 60's, and the overall simplicity and uniqueness of the dash is truly remarkable.

I also own a 1999 BMW 323i. I drive the Altima more often.
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