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I'm sorry for the minor delays, in some cases major for those who ordered eyelids before they were even made (esp, Robb) but here's why it's taking long.
The shop that does my fiberglass work and moulds has other clients for various things...(non car-related) and so when they have to do something on contract, they have to do it. I am not in a position to "force" them to do anything immediately, so sometimes it takes a few days for them to get to it.
I have a couple kits ready to ship out this week, so those waiting for that will be getting them very soon, and as for eyelids...I called them up today to see how the progress was with thinning them out (don't know if you all knew that but the first few sets were too thick and the mould needed to be corrected to thin them out) and they haven't called me back; probably will tomorrow. I am pressuring them everyday to get a move on, but there is only so much I can do. This is not going to be an Import Trenz situation like when the BW/BC kits took 8 months to do...I'm talking about maybe one week more to get them done.
I know several of you are waiting for these eyelids because your cars are being painted, and for that i apologize...but they are WAY too thick to simply send them out "as is".

The work that has to be done is very minimal; a few hours and the mould will be fine. Please try to remain patient and I will send everyone their things ASAP.

Thanks again for your understanding in this matter, and if you have any concerns please let me know...

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