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top end power

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how would i go about gaining on my top end power... that is where i seem to lose all me races (98 aut0) i/e ..... if there is anyone that can educatedly speak on this thread please fill me in!!!!
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header, n20
Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on how you drive) the Altima's KA24DE wasn't built with screaming top-end power as a priority. If low and mid-range power isn't a priority, cams will be able to shift the powerband towards the top-end. In short, you'll "borrow" some power from the mid-range and add it to the top-end. (That's not exactly how it works, but that's the basic idea).
ohh yeah i forgot about those

they will help out also
that basicly it for real top end power

theres alot of accel stuff but those items are enough for most
Warm air intake will help top end power
he has that already
Sorry - only one cup of coffee so far this morning. Advancing your timing a little can help.
what the last guy said
mine is a pr cai but i heard that you could turn that into a wai anyone know how????
arthur early said:
mine is a pr cai but i heard that you could turn that into a wai anyone know how????
cut it short

i woudln't do it though it defeats the purpose of buying a cai...but thats jmo
Or what you can do is just take the piping off that connects to your MAF to you filter, and get an adaptor plate and connect it there
with the 1st gen altima engines having more low-mid range power, would you get faster acceleration by shifting around 5000 rpm, or waiting till the redline to shift?
shift @ 5600 thats the h.p peak
once they make one for a gen 2 alty, go turbo for more top end
Unorthodox underdrive pulley.
SSR rims (they weigh next to nothing)
cheap top end, WAI/e/h/i/pulley. Nitrous wont help your top end, that will help you accelerate faster. nitrous users are idiots for using it after 2nd gear. the only other thing that will help you reach top end is a turbo or a supercharger.
What rev ranges do you consider low-mid-high end?
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