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Hi, I'm having a problem in cold weather? When my 2005 350SE starts in cold weather it "sometimes" (more often than not) will run really rough and it pops, runs rough etc..until it warms up and then I shut it off and restart it, then it runs fine again?! When it runs rough the check engine soon light comes on, but when I go to check the codes, there is nothing there?

One person whose opinion I value said it sounds like me TPS (Throttle Position Sensor Switch) is going - or is - bad? BUT, I would rather ask my fellow experts here, what do you think it is? What do you think I should explore if you don't agree that is it? What should I look at? The car only has 58,000 miles, and I replaced both camshaft position sensors last spring.

GREAT Forum! Any help or idea is appreciated, I'm baffled. Thanks!

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