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Transmission fluid drain and fill

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Hey, I will be doing a drain and fill on my nissan. Don't know if previous owner ever did a flush or drain and fill, and car is currently at 150k. Besides the fluid, do I need to replace the gasket for the pan, and if I do, what's the part number?
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Depending on your engine, check this:

Two Nissan dealers told me this procedure that they do:

For the QR...I can't remember the capacity...I'm thinking 4 quarts, but I could be wrong. For this explanation, take it as having a 4 qt capacity.

So, buy 7 quarts of the Matik-D fluid.
Drain the old fluid, reinstall the plug.
Fill with 3 quarts.
Start your engine, hold the brake and slowly shift into each of the shift positions. This will flush most of the old fluid out of the torque converter while pushing the new fluid into it. Notice the keyword is most. Most is all that is needed.
Drain the fluid. You'll see that it's dark fluid coming out again. Reinstall the plug.
Fill the tranny with your remaining 4 quarts and you're done.

It's cheaper than buying enough fluid to drain & fill 3 times. It's not overkill like draining and filling 3 times. It does all that is necessary for the maintenance of your transmission and it is what Nissan does for the maintenance of your transmission.

If you have a 3.5, buy 11 quarts of Matik-K. Maybe not quite 11. I still have 3 bottles left over from my last fluid change. Most important part of this procedure is do not let off the brake when shifting.
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