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Just bought a used 2006 Altima S 2.4L. I joined to post info I discovered. Facts first, story later. If you have "remote start" installed, you don't need a programed transponder key to drive the car. Normally a non programed but cut transponder key will not start the car. The car will crank, but never start. My car is equipped with remote start. (I don't know if it is stock or aftermarket remote installed.) First, remote start the car. Then, before touching the break petal, insert the cut, but not programed, key and turn it 2 positions clockwise. Caution: don't turn it to start or obviously you will grind. Now you can foot the break petal to put the car in gear. Then Go Go Go. Recommend you save up and eventually buy and program a transponder key, which could cost you $70 or more, just in case your remote starter craps out.

How we discovered. The car came with only 1 transponder key and no FOB. I purchased 2x4 button FOBs and 4 blank transponder keys (all after market) from the internet. The idea was for my brother to get them cut and programed from the original key at Home Depot for a deep cut price. Well it turns out while they were able to cut them, they could not program a Nissan Altima transponder over the year 2004. This requires a dealer, or a locksmith to attach special equipment to the car and (don't quote me) read a PIN code from the car computer. Then they can program the key (Actually I've read the car, not the key, is programed to accept the key). Subsequently, while I was trying the 4 keys I had a key that momentarily could not turn the door to lock (left), but then turned several times in a row after, and darn if the car didn't start. I immediately ran and called my brother to ask if I should get an exorcist, but he reassured me that I had only discovered I had remote start. I later discovered, after it is started, if I don't touch the break petal and insert the non programed key and turn it to the right 2 positions I could then touch the break petal and put the car in gear. Sweet, right?

Also discovered, the after market FOBs are easily self programed and then was able to remote start the car by pressing the lock button, on the FOB 3 times. The car can also be started once inside the car (all doors closed) and depress the electric door lock 3 times.

Now, I'm guessing that you can do the same thing with a cut non - transponder key (transponder was $8 and non were $3 or less). I'm also guessing that this procedure may work with newer Altimas, or even other model Nissans, with remote start installed. It would be nice to hear back from somebody who tries this.
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