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Turbo Or/and Nos On Auto

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Turbo And/Or Nos On Auto

I am a nut :angry2: just trying to find out if i can set up a NOS kit and turbo on my 93 altima (auto). I know i can run the Nos without a prob but will the turbo work ok on my alty with my auto tranny. I just don't want to put too much force on my transmittion. So all you pro's out there hit me with your friendly advise. Fill me in on the downfalls and the and the plus's (HP GAINS). I love the sound of money turning into hp gives me a high. Well get back to me on that late.

Alty8MyCash (REPS)
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hp gains depend on how nuch nitrous you're gonna use, and how much boost are you going to run. a beginner should run 50 shot of nitrous. this'll probably gain you 35 hp at the wheels. as for a turbo, you'd be better off running 6psi and you should be up to 225~230 whp. as for nitrous and a turbo, you got some major engine work along with a new torque converter, a new valve body, and all the necessary hardware to make this happen. It's gonna be expensive, I'm talking close to 20K. I have already spent close to 10K, and I am not safe to run nitrous and a turbo.
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