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Uphill Power Loss

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Hi everyone. I’ve been experiencing some significant power loss while driving up steep hills on the highway. So much so that even the cruise control will disengage.

This isn’t my normal driving route so I don’t experience this frequently but on average about twice a month I will take this ride.

Once the CC disengages, and depending on the steepness of the hill, I’ll maybe be able to go 60mph and sometimes even maintaining 45mph will be difficult. Will lose more and more of my gas pedal and tach will not really get passed 2500.

143k on the engine and body. Nissan replaced tranny approximately 30k miles ago. Tires in good shape. No crazy noises or anything out of the norm for a 10 year old vehicle. No dash lights lit up.

Any indicators, thoughts or directions to head in trouble shooting are greatly appreciated.

Edit: thought I tagged it but can’t see it.
2009 2.5S CVT
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