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Just got a new Lexmark Z54 printer from costco for $30. I tried to install it on my Xp Pro PC but XP doesn't detect the printer. It only detects an "unknown device" The lexmark installation software doesn't detect a printer either. I tried to manually install the printer but the printer doesn't print. I also tried to reinstall the unknown device using the lexmark USB drivers but it doesn't work. The message, "The specific location doesn't contain any info about your hardware" pops up. I downloaded the new lexmark drivers off the internet...but still no dice.

I thought that the printer might be a lemon...but I tried to install it on my sisters WIN ME PC and it installed without a problem...I even tested the USB ports on my PC and they are functional. So I donno whats wrong....please help me!!! I need to get this printer up and running by next week! Thanks in advance.

Here are system specs

Windows XP Pro (2600 build)
Asus CUSL2 mobo
P3 [email protected]
320 PC133 ram
30 gib WD HD 5400rpm ata/66
Lite On 16x/40x DVD
Yamaha 8x/8x/32x CDRW
Radeon 32mb AGP
Linksys NIC PCI
Aopen 56k modem PCI
Promise ATA66 IDE controller PCI
SB Live! 5.1 PCI
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