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Low frequency vibration from the front of the car.
Only occurs at about 1400rpm.
Slow drive off from stop, let the CVT change to the lowest gear with revs around 1000rpm then slowly accelerate, as the revs approach 1400rpm it vibrates.
It's a brief vibration hard to hold and sometime also occurs at 1400rpm on deceleration to a stop.
Only occurs when the car is overnight cold or has been standing for an hour or two.
Can not be duplicated with the car in D, foot on the brake and slowly taking revs to 1400rpm.
It's not subtle and can be easily heard by anyone in the car.

By this time I am sure you are shouting heat shield.

I have tightened all the bolts on the engine heat shields and put hose clamps around the mesh/flex heat shield on the exhaust pipe just after it comes down from the engine.

I have jammed bits of silicone rubber blocks in the gaps between the two heat shield halves in the engine bay.

I could just turn the radio up or just accelerate more aggressively but it's driving me crazy and I really want to get to the bottom of it.

Where else do I look?
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