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What a coincidence, four in 10mins!

I see this escort GT with this loudass popping noise on his exhaust with sparks & (kinda scary to)

He keeps flying from behind me, meaning his momentum would be first from like 3 4cars back he would floor it, and I would floor it right when he is about car and a 1/2 behind me... he actually got a car on me for about 2secs, then I would train length him 3 4 5secs later..... 8-10cars back?

While this was happening a stang gt of the 96-98yrs..... Im guessin it was auto.... he fell back almost as worse as the escort gt...

Finally line up with a early gen taurus SHO accompanying him the SVT coutour. I don't like launching hard off the line... So we punched it at about 10mph roll..... the SHO fell back half a car, while the SVT was behind the SHO half a car as well... by about 90mph...the SHO fell back 2 1/2 cars... SVT about 4cars....

I use to lose to this 92 z24 5spd by a good 2-4cars in my malibu on that stretch, I raced him like 5 6times.... he thinks his 15.9 16sec V6 in a compact with a manual is he should be doing high 14s atleast like that.....

Haven't seen him lately with my VQ... I wanna airplane length that cocky chevy culprit!

1 - 4 of 4 Posts