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2 years ago, i got a remote starter installed in my 2007 altima 3.5se. Everything seems to work fine util last winter. It was very cold. I started my car with the remote before leaving work. When driving home i noticed the heater was not running. All the lights where on but no air was coming out. I tought the blower motor was dead. After looking up on Google, i verifyed the blue relays behind the fuse box on the driver side. I interchanged those relay and started the car. Nothing worked. I replaced the relaya to there original places and everything started working again.

BUT, since then, when its cold outside, when i start the car, remotely or not, radio is the only thing thats working in the car. No lights in the cluster exept for the little yellow key light. I cant even shift to drive. I have to jiggle the fuse box for somw time and then everything lights up and I can shift to drive and go. And when its VERY cold, its like the alternator does not recharge the battery, the car run and eventually stall and i have to boost, unless i manage to move and jiggle the fuse box to get everything on. And when I start the car this way, the manual mode doesnt work...

Weird enough?
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