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PBCrunch said:
Also, is the 1995 Altima OBDI or OBDII?
'95 ka24de's were the first with OBDII.

as for the abs swap, it's kinda cost prohibitive, seeing that you need new gagues to get the abs warning lights, upgrading to a newer fuse box (not sure about that), putting in all new brakes (for most ppl that means rear drum-disc swappage), pulling the axles to do new wiring (not sure about that either)... its a lot of work.
<edit>in a 1st gen. '95 or newer, you would only need to add the wiring, fuse, abs box, and the brakes. its more work when you are doing the swap on a pre-'95 altima, though.</edit>

if you wanna do it, though, go ahead. just try to do a write up for us:)
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