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What factory paint 1987 Stanza GXE w/Paint Code 326 Super White? Clunk sound when auto trans is put in gear

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Hi guys,

I need to fix a few spots on the body on an 87 Stanza and completely strip the front and rear bumper covers and do the same on the front drivers fender then paint everything with a Nissan code 326 and not with the of cash in paint.
Wondering what type of paint was it painted with from the factory and what type paint should I buy that will last but not super expensive? Car has only 88k on it so factory paint is still nice. So did it have a clear coat and was it acrylic enamel or ect ect? Also what’s a decent more affordable brand and place to buy the paint?
Bought the car and it had been in a small accident and makes a clunking noise when it’s put in gear so changed all the motor mounts and still dies the clunking. So only thingy I can think of it’s in the accident when it was hit and fixed they must not have have seen maybe a broken automatic trans mount which I can’t see. Anyone know how I can see this mount or maybe have t pull off the inner fender well so I can replace it also?

great car that runs really well and interior is like new so don’t want to drive it and crack the trans case until I find and fix this clunking. Had the mounts done by a shop but don’t think they checked on the trans mount.
Any help with be very appreciated on these two matters
With thanks,
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