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On mine I have

Key to Altima
Key to my apartment
Key to mom's place
Key to dad's place
Office Key
Mailbox key
Trusty Swiss Army knife
Nissan Tire Valve cover wrench

How 'bout you?

Haf you seen my baseball?
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Key to my Altima
Keys to my Mustang
Key to my Mountaineer
Key to my dad's Impala
Key to my mom's Honda Accord
Key to my apartment
Key to my house
Keys to my work
A blockbuster rewards thingy

Thats about it

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A key to my Altima
A key to my mom's car (a Saturn)
A key to the front door of my house
A key to the Back door of my house
A Shop Rite price plus savings card
A Stop & Shop Savings card
A blockbuster rewards card
A Key to get into work (one of those big white cards)

over it...
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A key to my Alitima
A key to friends BMW
A key to the Honda
Two keys for the house
A key for work
A key for a apartment
My gym pass thingy

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House key
Office Key
Altima key
S-10 key
a "96" symbol, the year I graduated
used to have a 16 meg SIM on there, but it broke off

See ya
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key to Altima
key to house
key to PO Box
"Kroger Plus" Card
my $20.01 bottle opener that says "thank you for your gift to the OSU from the class of 2001"

Be very afraid...
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Damn ... is this the stupidest post ever?! So I can't resist:

Altima remote
Altima key
House key
Work desk key (lockable drawers)

I have a separate set that I grab when I drive the wife's car:

Maxima remote
Maxima key
House key
Luggage key

Pretty interesting, huh? :rolleyes:

I also have my work badges that I leave in my car and only wear into the office in the morning with two badges and two pass keys.

Cube Farmer
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Altima key (94)
Altima alarm fob
other altima key (98)
condo key
mail box key
graduation key chain thingy from 99
block buster rewards thing
bike lock key
parents house key
some random key that a way past ex girlfriend gave me saying it was the "key to her heart", then we broke up 3 weeks later and its still on with my keys, how tacky.

Altimas favorite troll
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Key to my Contour
Key to the front door of my house
Key to dead bolt to front door of my house
Key to my parents house
Vial of oil
Keyfob for my Contour.

Resident Economist
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The key to my Alty, my gym membership card, apartment key, and most importantly, the key to your girls place! j/k Later.
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