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It's almost over now!!
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its been years since I left the nissan world (05/6 I believe) has everyone been? I still talk to a few of the old timers from time to time. the forum seems about as dead as ever but's not like it was in the olllllddddddd days.

current car

scion tc rs2.0

Injen cai
DC header/tsudo spipe/custom mid/hks axleback
PnP head with crower stage 2 and caps/5angle valve job
deatschwork 440cc injectors
ARP headstuds
unorthodox pulley set
aem fic for a basic street tune

BC BR extreme lows
TRD rear sway
Hotchkis front sway
DC front strut bar
Ingalls rear brace
Greddy rear strut bar
Megan c pillar bar
Dezod endlinks front and rear
Stoptech pads on EBC C/D rotors
Goodrich SS lines
hotchkis camber arms in the rear
BBS CK 18x8.5 in gloss black wrapped in falken 512s
extended gold tuner lugs

(most not installed sitting in teh garage)
-evo 8 recaros on weapon r brackets
-Sparco harness bar
-Takata drift 4points
-Nrg adapter with quickrlease 2.0
-sparco 330mm 3 spoke
-rear seat delete

VIS techno r carbon lip
RS1 carbon sides
Fig Grills upper and lower

-random carbon fiber-
C7 rear hatch handle
fuse box cover
valve cover
password jdm radiator panel
waterfall (dash) in carbon
door skins
rear sail panels
gauge cluster surround
a pillar
b pillar covers

so this old guy is still playing with cars as a hobby...the altima is long gone, the mustang is sold, the dodge truck is sold, the mini truck is sold, the fc is sold....but this is my daily and hopefully I can start working on a blownup evo9 that a local is selling. Hope all is well with you old ****s.


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I (formerly Tempest) have been out of the Altima scene since 06 I think. My current ride is a 14 Camaro RS. Stock for now. I have toyed with the idea of modding it, but I haven't made up my mind yet.

I also drive a 14 Ford Fusion as my daily. Nothing special there. Over the last few years I had a 13 Veloster, 12 Challenger, 10 Lancer, and an older 240sx. I change cars a lot.

I'm still in Northern NY. Not much to my "where are they now" story. Haha

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