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Whining Noise from V6 Engine. Its VQ23DE (Nissan Teana 230JM 2007 Model)

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I have a Nissan Teana 230JM 80k KMs. Its started making a Whining sound from engine's right top corner along with the vibration on Right VVT. Its exactly the same noise as its there in this video:

So, I strongly believe that its the secondary tensioner which is on the top right corner.


My question is that, is it required to be changed as soon as possible? Because, i will have to order the parts and the labour will take a lot of money for this to be replaced. Can I drive the car with this noise till the time noise becomes worse? Also is it possible to be replaced without getting the engine down? Any guide to do that step by step with some images, as i have seen that for some cars using AllData repair software. So that, i can share that with my mechanic.

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