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Sound waves from 600 Hz and below suffer from waves propagating to the rear of the box due to long wave lengths.
Bass with mediocre speakers generally need in close proximity to a rear wall to reinforce the bass.

Subwoofers or Super woofers suffer the same fate due to poor design work.

What's missing in all small sub encloses? A front baffle thats measured to reflect the sound back in front of the speaker. Now we know that isn't practical in the real world so to turn a 360deg sound wave back into a 180degree sound wave, you must design a Baffle step circuit. This takes into account the size of the speaker and front baffle to turn 360deg of sound to 180deg . Doing this cleans up the sound considerably which means clean bass into the cabin.

People complain about poor performance with ported boxes. If you are only sending the port into the car via parcel shelf with the main speaker firing into the boot, you are generally playing one frequencie into the cabin.

In this case a properly constructed Isobarick ported box will play a range of frequencies you require in a smaller enclosure but you need two identical subs in a push/pull configuration with one sub running out of phase.

Reproducing good sound from 20kHz down to 20Hz is all about all frequencies arriving at your ear at the same time.

All frequencies travel at the exact same velocity meaning turning the sound up does not usually compensate for misaligned speakers.
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