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Will a 2009 Maxima Transmission fit a 2007 Maxima

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So it seems like the model #s are the same but nothing definitive. Just wanna make sure before I buy this trans and then it doesn’t work for my 2007. Please any help would be greatly appreciated
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Make sure to include the TCM that goes with the new CVT. It needs to have a "CVT / TCM CALIBRATION DATA “WRITE” PROCEDURE" performed if you're using the old TCM. The IP Char data is stored in the Valve Body on a 2007 to present, and needs to be read into the TCM by using a scanner to erase the old data. Once erasure is performed, the new data is automatically read-in. If that's not performed, then your TCM would try to run the CVT with data from the old valve body. All kinds of garbage-performance can result.
Thanks for the quick response. Good to know about the TCM I had thought I needed to move my tcm over to the new trans so that woulda been bad
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