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Went by the user name Emircav, lost my password so here I am by my other alias. If you check out my post on that profile you can see what my car looked like. I happened to sell everything and go back to stock for about a year until this spring. That's when the magic happened. Just as I saved enough for mods they had released the nismo body kit and I was the first to get first grabs.

This my car as it sits now.

Current mods:
Megan Racing Coilovers
Eagle Eyes, U-Bar headlights
Nismo front bumper
Nismo grille
25mm spacer back, 20mm spacer front
Roof lip
Wind deflectors
Brake flasher
Rear bumper reflector LED mod
20% tint all around
App radio 3
LED bar

Future mods:
custom exhaust
5% tint
rear bumper aprons

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