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I have a 2009 Altima Sedan 2.5S Automatic with 143k on the clock (CVT replaced by Nissan at 113k).

Did some maintenance today (new plugs, cleaned MAF, cleaned throttle body, removed battery and cleaned terminals and posts and now that it’s all buttoned up and relearned idle air after P0507 code thrown I can’t for the life of me remember if the SES light stays on if you stay in KOEO.

Zero codes thrown currently and SES not lit up with KOER. Feeling a tad bit paranoid tho because my autolink AL319 OBDII reader is showing some potential issues while in I/M readiness mode. Red Xs lit up next to EVAP and EGR tho CAT and one other were lit up and went away after driving for a bit.

It’s driving fine and feels good. Idle in park and neutral is about 700rpm tho idle in drive at complete stop feels a bit low at little over 500.

Appreciate any help or info about the SES light with KOEO or any information about the above in general. Thanks in advance.
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