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Ok, here goes. I'm in need of a few parts for my Alty and hopefully someone local can hook me up.

Inner tie rods - Both shot
Struts - Left rear is blown... Looking for Toks so I can finally put my springs in (Sprint), but if all else fails I'll take a stock rear pair for now. (cheap cheap... I don't want to waste much on stocks)

Also looking for at least a front pair of camber bolts, but I'll take all 4 if you've got 'em, and anything else that I might need when putting in new springs and struts.

Are the tie rods through somewhere like Advance Auto any good, or am I better off with something else? Something about $17 tie rods when everyone else wants 40-50+ for them makes me nervous.

I need to find this stuff fairly quickly because they already put my new tires on and I can't get it aligned until I get the tie rods fixed, and preferrably the struts too. Thanks in advance.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts