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Well, I parked the car at school this morning, and about 8 hours later, when I started it up, the check engine light came on right away. Drove the car home, parked it in the garage for an hour, and checked the ECM. It was flashing code 3-2, which the Haynes manual says is a malfunctioning EGR valve.

I checked the valve, and from what I can tell, it's functioning. When the car is idling, and I push on the bottom of the valve myself, the engine starts to die. However, when the car is idling and I give it a quick burst of throttle, the EGR valve doesn't move at all by itself. Isn't it supposed to? :confused: At least that's what I understood from the Haynes manual.

Anyway, I cleared the ECM, and noticed that when I started the car, the CEL was out. However, at the slightest press on the gas pedal, the CEL would light up. While driving it down the street, the CEL was flashing. Nothing consistent, it seemed it it was based on the throttle position. I cleared the ECM again, and started the car. The CEL lit up again when I pressed the gas. I backed the car out, turned it around in the street, and backed up into my garage. By then the CEL was solidly lit.

Any advice or suggestions 'cause I'm dumbfounded here? :confused:

I'll wake up early and check the error code in the morning, but this whole damn thing sucks. I just placed my order for a GReddy cat-back yesterday and don't exactly have the time or money to deal with this. It's been exactly one week since I got the car, too. :(
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