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does ragga jungle count???

Fire (urban shakedown mix) best song in the world

Ganja Man by DJ Krome & Mr. Time 2nd best:D

Spin Spin Sugar (china club mix) best damn bassline in the world

DJ Mystic -- Time to Say goodbye
-- Unchained melody both classic raver tunes

SandStorm vs. Blow your mind vs. Zombie Nation (my personal fave oldskool/rave)

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so many good ones
Playboi - Elements
DJ Liquid - Birth of Liquid Dreams.........
Olive - I'm Not In Love (Anthony Acid Remix)
Tenth Planet - Ghosts (original mix)
Olive - Your Not Alone
Alice Deejay - Better Off Alone
D and A - Let Me Know
Dieselboy - Subculture ( not techno but is tight )
DJ Sammy - Heaven

i'm into the type that u would listen to on E or something mostly so it has nice music and words in it

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Any Lenny Dee

Any Industrial Strength Records

Delta 9 "hardcore chicago"

Any Delta 9 for that matter

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One of the best DJ's for Hardcore Techno.....RIP..... NICKY FINGERS..... that mother Fuker would be spinning 3 records at once mixing the shit out of all of them all while smoking a phatty blunt and pounding a 40oz.!

Spin spin sugar is got nice base!

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Dj Irene.......How Many Latinos.....Wetha Beatin' Hoochie Bitch......

DJ Max Power......Viper

Bad Boy Bill....almost all good

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Gumball3000 said:
Cannot forget DJ Repeat from the Limelight. I am going back to 1994 here.

All this happy hardcore crap just sux my ass.

music for the drug-addled youth.

i hate it too.

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it was my fav before my hard drive crashed and lost it
was some russian techno song i think it was named "krushca muya"

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anything by my boy Capital J....Jungle:D

for techno, PPK ~ resurection (sp) is good also.

Why are you guys the only people that I know that still call Euro music techno, at my work, all the agents that come with unsigned artists into the studio refer to the whole scence as the "Euro" scene, radio in Canada and England for the most part does that as well (call it Euro).
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