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Location of IAC Valve

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Hi all, just joined...

I've got a 2004 Sentra, 1.8. It's throwing a code that says my Idle Air control valve is bad. I got a new one, but I can't see where it is, in the engine. When I order it, I thought it mounted to the back of the throttle body, but apparently it is somewhere else.
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Anybody got a picture of where this thing goes? I'veincluded a picture of what is supposed to be the IAC for this engine.

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Hmm, so I wonder if it's likely then, that the problem is the module that bolts to the back side of the throttle body.
The throttle bodies for sale seem to come with taht module attached, I'll have to heck and see if you can buy it separately.

That module is the electronic drive and gear reduction section to the throttle blade drive. It is NOT sold separate, you buy the whole TB assembly.

What is the problem and you should get a trouble code for it.
I had the auto parts store read the code, and it said "idle air control valve". Thus my current confusion.

My daughter just bought the car, somebody stole the catalytic converter out of it, and it's currently just got a straight pipe on it, back to the muffler. Is it possible that that could be causing a weird code to come up? Seems unlikely to me, but you don't know what you don't know, sometimes.

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