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Back from a 2 year hiatus...

Wow, I cannot believe I have not updated this in over 2 years haha. To those who have been sticking around or just curious about what happened, let alone STILL ACTIVE HERE, a lot has happened. Some members have found and followed me on Instagram as well as a YouTube channel I had going on documenting everything about my vehicles (I deleted the entire channel months ago and still have my personal channel up still which I plan on reuploading a lot of the videos on jdmAzn11 ).

To sum up everything that has happened in the last year years or so, I bought another set of YellowSpeedRacing coilovers, installed them, drove on the Spec V's for the longest (yes with the worn out ancient tires still), installed custom hacked up eyelids, had the driver key break on me multiple times by the ring hole area, ran into some electrical issue where the rear defroster/window controls/HVAC selector control would not work. I replaced the fuse and tested all the relays and nothing was fixed. I sadly turned the car entirely back to stock (minus the CF hood, retrofitted headlamps, and bulbs, headunit, and speakers) and sold the car to CarMax on April 26, 2019. Insurance was due for the car and honestly I had enough of the car, I guess you can say I finally outgrew the car and was ready to let it go. I knew with the terrible carfax the car has along with all the issues, and tight window to have the car sold, nobody was going to be interested in buying the car. I was written an offensive check that I gladly took and that was the last of Amanda I saw. Ironically a few days later I was passing a parking lot where someone has rented and turned into a used car dealer and I noticed a green car. It did not take me long to recognize that THAT WAS THE ALTIMA. 30 miles away from the CarMax I sold her at, she has been bought by someone and ready to be sold. I was surprised at how quick CarMax works and just surprised how far some people go to buy used wholesale cars. I was not able to see a price on it, but I'm sure it was at least double what CarMax has paid me lol.

Since then, I posted up ALL, and I mean ALL of the parts I had for her online for cheap and surprisingly almost everything has sold to fellow L30 owners from across the US. I am sadden that my journey with the L30 and Nissan family has ended, but I am glad that the parts are sold to owners who are still keeping the 2nd gen Altima movement and spirit alive.

I didn't take much pictures of the Altima in these past few years (mainly because I documented most of it on video) but here are the last few that I took for CarMax and the last picture of it in that used car lot. Maybe one day I will see her driven around on the street, but honestly I hope not :cry: lol.


A decent amount has happened with the Lexus that I still own and maybe I will start a build thread on the Lexus or IS forums so if anyone is interested just look for my username. Thank you to everyone who has followed along and helped me throughout my journey with the L30, I wish everyone nothing but the best and to continue the car culture for generations to come. :):giggle:

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